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Legends Bank offers a full line of real estate mortgages, from "in house" low cost mortgages with a great deal of built-in flexibility, to conventional fixed and adjustable rate home loans.

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Our "in house" product is especially popular for properties which do not meet uniform property standards for conventional mortgages, such as rural properties with larger acreage, and mobile homes unattached to the underlying real estate. It is also popular for borrowers who may not meet conventional mortgage underwriting standards, because of past credit status or other reasons, or who want additional flexibility in loan terms. Conventional mortgages offer customers an opportunity to purchase properties with lower down payments and longer amortizations than generally available with the "in-house" loan.


Legends Bank's "in-house" mortgage loans generally have lower fees than conventional mortgages, with the bank charging only for certain document preparation fees and out of pocket expenses such as filing fees and title insurance. Legends Bank also can attach a type of home equity feature to these loans, allowing the customer to borrow additional amounts against their property in the future. Certain borrowers may qualify for special programs such as first time homebuyer programs and low to moderate income programs offered in conjunction with the Missouri Housing Development Commission. Both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages are available. Special programs are also available for those who may not qualify for standard conventional mortgages.

Legends Bank, member FDIC, is an equal housing lender.